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The Artsan Strategy Group LLC is a start up investment company established across the Hudson River in Jersey City, NJ. With the goal of empowering the working class citizen, we strategize on delivering completely free money management wisdom and ideas to create opportunities to make one's money work for them. We intend to be a premiere example to our community on maximizing our resources, making money work for us so that we may have more time for the people, things, and activities we love.  


More Time For The Family

With financial wisdom and understanding of the investment markets, making your money work for you gives you full control of the 24 hours you are allotted each day.  Providing for yourself or a household requires a lot of time, diligence and hard work. 8hrs are your typical work day. Factor in 1-2 hours in transportation that gives you a total of 10 daylight hours spent away from family five days a week. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that work model but it becomes tricky when you have a family of more than 0-1 children.


Build Your Community

With financial freedom and opportunities, you can help build your community becoming a vital part of growth, awareness, and charity. With every achievement and step forward you increase the value of your community. For example, a certain school's performance overall has a D+ rating for that neighborhood, not so good right? You come along scoring A's on every test. Your good performance helped the school's overall rating and improved it to a C. That is the impact we all can make in our communities, one achievement at a time.

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Artsan Strategy Stock Watchlist (As Of 5/3/2019, 10:56am)



WFT - Weatherford International

$0.45 (upcoming Reverse Split)

SNAP - Snapchat


EXP - Express


F - Ford 


BB - Blackberry


DAL- Delta Airlines


Educational Tips and Strategies

Thinking of opening your own business? Tips you will need when opening. Register with your state. Fill out the necessary paperwork with your state to become an LLC, SCorp, or Corperation or from many other options that satisfies your business needs. Usually, registering may cost a fee from $125 to over $300 depending on your state. Registering may be done online and become established upon completion. 

After you have completed your state registration, head over to IRS.gov and file for an EIN number. This is for taxpaying purposes and for banks when opening business bank accounts.

Once you have secured your EIN number the fun begins. Head on over to your bank of choice and open your business bank account and let your successful ventures begin.

Understanding The Value of A Good Credit Score

  Why should I care about my credit score, I don’t need credit? Such a statement can be likened to someone in a brutal winter warming themselves with a sweater, compared to a fully layered jacket. In that circumstance, which would you rather have? In comparison, credit can be the difference between having a great car, great home, which indirectly, impacts the kind of school district your children will experience. It may also provide great interest rates, a better car insurance payment, approval for that apartment, and even that great job you want because your employer checked your credit score. It is safe to say that where you stand on your credit profile can drastically change your lifestyle for the better or worst. Valuing your credit score puts a premium on life and gives you access to many resources.

Credit scores range from 300 to 850 points and are divided to give you a perspective range on how you are viewed. Poor (300-579), fair (580-669), good (670-739), very good (740-799), and exceptional (800-850). There are three major institutions that collect your credit history and provide a credit score. These institutions include Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Being aware of how these three entities determine your score will help you to prioritize spending and payment options. For example, payment history makes up 35% of your score, while credit usage impacts it by 30%. 

As for many individuals, credit and financial education is not being taught as much as it should. One should not have to fall into the valley of debt and poverty to finally ask the real questions, why don’t I have access to resources as I should? Young men and women should have these types of educational tips before stepping into the world of business and consumerism. Hopefully this post strengthens your knowledge and hunger to research the topics that are important to your financial success and lifestyle.


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